Create new ideas with the SparkCanvas method. Find out more in the english version of a blog article by Heidi Dommaschke and me.
Thanks to Sebastian F. Müller for the NewWork Berlin Meetup session and of course to the hosts, Richard SchentkeFriederike Euwens and Thomas Klein.

How to easily develop inspiring ideas

In the context of our work we are often confronted with challenges that we have never faced before. Creativity plays a decisive role in these situations. But how is it possible to come up with new ideas when a solution seems to be intangible?

SparkCanvas is an effective design method to develop concrete ideas and solutions using structured inspiration. In one of our last NewWork Berlin Meetups, the approach was introduced using a real-life challenge. Within two hours, we gathered exciting ideas to tackle a situation that all of us are facing right now: Improving social proximity when working from home. Create new ideas worked!

Check out my latest guest article on the iCombine blog to learn more about SparkCanvas and our test run with this new method. 

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