What are relavant digital competencies? Let me know if it is NewWork, VUCA or rather lifelonglearning and networking in a digtal world ? This article is an experiment on swarm intelligence and without artificial intelligence, first posted on LinkedIn. Is a relevant competence to understand and exploit big data and blockchain? Or how to get the VPN-tunnel working to access my windows folder at work? And how is purpose related to the digital age?

Let me know your thoughts on the competences you really essentially need for the digital age we all are living in currently. What do you need to not only survive but embrace the digital transformation. This is an experiment on swarm intelligence, so please comment and let me know your thoughts and ideas.

To trigger some thinking: Digital competence implies to understand how computer and the internet works. On the other hand, a digital competence is the ability to communicate digital through various channels like slack, text messages and also be able to write proper business EMails. It is crucial to know how to exploit your network while being able to send sharp messages and concentrate on the readers perspective, ie avoiding #tl:dr.

Digital competence is to understand Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and all the current hypes and trends. Thus, being an IT nerd helps. Using the latest and fanciest cloud based browser apps. Digital Leadership is relevant, understanding how to lead remote working and being able to work effeciently in your home office.

Digital competence is not wearing sweatpants in Zoom meetings.

Digital competance is to be in a WOL circle in week >8 while reading „the coaching habit“ …

Let me know what you think, drop your names, programs you use or everything that pops out …


Foto von Canva Studio von Pexels
Foto von Canva Studio von Pexels

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